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Project 03

ArtTEK for TEENS interest

This is not an application.  This is a letter of interest

River Art Works’ ArtTEK for TEENS Workshop Questionnaire       

462 W Main St Mt Pleasant, PA 15666


YOUR NAME ___________________________________  SCHOOL ______________________


We at River Art Works’ ArtTEK for TEENS Program are really excited to give you this questionnaire because it is one step closer to help you see more possibilities for your career. What do you dream as you look into the future? ________________________________________________________________________________________

1. Would you consider ArtTEK for TEENS workshops that move you into a broader creative direction?

Can you take that love you have for the arts and transfer that love to another level that opens up a world of possibility? Y____  N ____    Not at this time ____

Would you be interested in attending an ArtTECH series of classes on: How many after school hours per class would you be willing to commit?

a. ___ one  b. ___two  c. ___three or more


2. If you are interested in ArtTEK workshops, would you rather have these classes:___after school___summer workshop___both___holiday workshopsbest days of week: (circle all that apply)   M  T  W H  F  S

best time:  ___103:00 pm (summer only)  ___3-6pm  ___6-9pm


3. How many hours do you currently spend on:    gaming _____     social media_____       art _____  Do you have a laptop? Y__ N ___

Have you ever built something? Yes___ no___   If so, what_______________________________________________________________________________________________________


4. Do you:   Participate in after school activities?   Y___ N___        Work part time?   Y___ N___

ArtTECH Workshops will be held on the Diamond in Mt Pleasant.                                                                                                                                               

Why would you be interested in these ArtTEK workshops? _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 


YOUR NAME ______________________________________

CITY ___________________________________________

SCHOOL _______________________________________

CLASS NAME ____________________________________

TEACHER ______________________________________

ROOM NUMBER _______________


Would you like us to reach out to your parents or guardians to discuss this workshop series?

Y___ N___


Parent/Guardian Name: _________________________

Email: ______________________________________

Phone: ________________________________


River Art Works’ ArtTECH High School Program is very excited to be able to begin working with high school students who are focused on being creative throughout their lives. We wish only the best for our region’s young adult futures. By learning these skills at an earlier age, we know you will be eligible for a brighter career path.  What you will learn in these workshops is that being creative doesn’t need to end at high school. Crreative doesn't mean you will havve to struggle to earn an excellent income. By learning creative methods that use a broader skillset, you are actually preparing to earn a solid “future creative income”.


If you have any other questions, please reach out to the Founder, Jane Altman. 724-547-4121

For more details about the overall goals of River Art Works and how the ArtTECH High School Program fits into the future of Westmoreland County:






This letter of interest has been approved by your son/daughter Westmoreland County school district.

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