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Project 03

The ArtTEK story

River Art Works’ high school workshops:

ArtTEK for TEENS    

River Art Works is Hosting ArtTEK for TEENS workshop series which are after school and summer workshops.

We are very, very excited that "the eagle is rising" on the ArtTEK for TEENS project as of March 20,2023. We have worked on the details of the program for over two years. The material has been sourced from some obscure places around the globe. We wanted the most cutting edge creative technology available to date. This is not a workshop series that can be found elsewhere.


River Art Works continues to work toward the original goal, but has chosen to pull forward a smaller program as a proving ground to the funders of large projects. Although our Board of Directors holds extensive credentials, it makes sense that the the funders who have not worked with our team before ask for a smaller success. As a result, our high school program that was planned to be established after a permanent space is developed, has begun the process of relationship building blocks.

The ArtTEK for TEENS program is high school level, will impact revitalization of our youth population and attendees who complete at least one year of the program, will be prepared to enter the workforce or continue education with strong resumes.

3D Print Workshops:

These workshops provide each attendee who completes the program with their own 3D printer, to keep. Attendees learn to build a 3D Printer from a kit. This helps participants to learn how each part works and the role in the printing process. Learning to use a 3D Print program called Fusion 360 and related CAD programs will be introduced. In this way the attendees are able to then choose what program they are most comfortable using to build 3D objects. An introduction to the plethora of filaments and their capacities will also be included.

Workforce Development has named 3D print the fastest growing industry in Westmoreland County. The goal is to provide our graduates with skills necessary to be the leaders of this industry.


Think of the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park, the mechanical villain's in Spiderman, even Chuckie Cheese has animatronics on stage.  Think of animatronics as the most creative way the basics of mechanics can be taught.

This series introduces animatronics creation using some basic mechanical skills, hand carving, and integration of 3D Print parts. The 3D printer has become a widely used tool in the industry.

Drones, Videography, and Drone Art

These workshops will focus on learning fine motor skills necessary to operate drones, map out a plan for the storyline, how to use an editing program, and lighting skills. This may sound easy to the reader, but this is a strong program that takes the attendee to college level studies one step at a time.

Hologram creation is slated to be the next workshop series ArtTEK for TEENS will tackle. Holograms are a passion for River Art Works' Founder, Jane Altman. She has watched the market and development of the process languish for decades. The last four years huge breakthroughs have been made. In fact, they are already being integrated into many industries: architecture, medicine, manufacturing, design, retail, marketing, and more. Material sourcing for this series will arrive from some of the world's most remote locations.

Also, please consider becoming a contributor toward the betterment of our region's youth future through ArtTEK for TEENS. That is how the program is affordable for all attendees. These workshops cost $70 per hour per student. Note the small price generous donors has made possible.


Jane Altman 

Jane Altman, Founder 

River Art Works 


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