Project 03

The ArtTEK story

The mission of ArtTEK for Teens is to provide the bridge between the arts and technology, fulfilling Westmoreland County’s need to address STEAM introduction to high school art students. The workshops are high school level summer and after school programs.  ArtTEK for Teens workshops focus on 3D printing, vector program usage, digital, drone art, and other visual arts that are impacted by modern technology, and STEAM. The goal is to provide inclusive access to the all interested youth in our community. 

Our focus is on workshops that will lead our teens to scholarship opportunities and higher education entrances for which they are not currently eligible. 

Shawn Ronzio, an animatronics Hollywood veteran, "Thor" a globally know videographer, Jesse and Collin will uproariously debunk Hollywood myths, Peter Tulk slides in practical business know-how, and Nicholas, an artificial intelligence patent specialist will be leading the 3D print and hologram classes. 

These arts require mastery of vector program usage and 3D printing to build a finished product. Both are skills sought by multiple local industry leaders.  Shawn and his crew see the potential benefit of these programs for ArtTEK students.

 Imagine changing the life course of a youth with no future aspirations. No aspirations because heritage or echelon precluded this option. These are still very real preclusions in our region. The five school districts* that we are currently working with range in poverty levels of 48% to 70%**. Given strong support we can offer the classes free of charge to these students, opening a path to acceptance, financial aid to colleges, universities and technical institutes that were previously out of their reach. The impact could be as high as 10% of the student body.  We have to start somewhere. Today we start with the ArtTEK for Teens pilot program. Giving these students the tools to use their creative talents in a world of technology will change their lives forever. 

In addition to potential careers, ArtTEK for Teens will also develop decision-making and critical thinking skills, enhances communication and listening skills, personal and business financial understanding, and encourage focus and discipline.  Technology industry leaders have settled in Westmoreland County in the last decade. Their fear is lack of local talent. Just look at the possibilities for employment for ArtTEK for Teens graduates. It’s incredible!

We have the plans and the people. Let's make this happen.