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The ArtTEK story

River Art Works’ high school workshops:

ArtTEK for TEENS    


ArtTEK for TEENS, a River Art Works high school program, opens doors of opportunity and exploration to local youth interested in vital technical careers of the future.


Through a series of 10 to 15 week hands-on courses, high school students will be exposed to and practice technical skills including the business of art, vector program usage (CAD and Fusion360 are popular brands), 3D Printing, holograms, drone art and videography, mechanical animatronics, laser, and digital arts. Courses are taught by experts through both online and in person hands-on workshops.  As our circle of specialists broadens, the curriculum will expand to include 21st Century technology such as AI, AR, digital, and laser studies. A network of highly skilled specialists will spearhead programs and projects. 


ArtTEK for TEENS strengthens student critical thinking skills year-round through after-school and summer programs. In turn, the enhanced knowledge gained from ArtTEK for TEENS will equip participants with the confidence they need to apply to competitive, advanced, collegiate tech and art programs. Technical skills are now required in many industries and are cited as necessary for regional revitalization. ArtTEK for TEENS will have an immediate impact on workforce development as students enter jobs with skills and knowledge not available in their high schools. Six local school districts will promote ArtTEK for TEENS: Mt Pleasant, Yough, Latrobe, Ligonier, Derry, and Hempfield. These school districts experience 40-74% poverty among student households and are searching for positive outlets for their most vulnerable students. 


ArtTEK for TEENS will track a number of projected outcomes including: 


  • High school graduates pursuing technology- related post-secondary education programs

  • High school graduates taking jobs in the tech sector within five years after receiving post-secondary credential 

  • ArtTEK participants registering for more than one workshop

  • Maintenance of a student base of at least 50% of low- income households in each workshop 

  • Demonstrated growth of knowledge about technology and the pursuit of creative technology careers throughout a participants’ tenure with ArtTEK for TEENS


 This is the era for artists to financially thrive.  Technology has pushed its’ way to the forefront of 21st Century art careers. There will always be the traditional arts, but the artists gaining strongholds in the global art economic market are combining technology with art.  They are being rewarded financially with strong incomes. As many studies in STEAM have shown, entry level artists benefit tremendously from connections to science, technology, engineering and math.  ArtTEK for TEENS is a starting point for these emerging professionals and contains baseline instruction in vector technology (CAD, Fusion360) which builds skillsets that translate into many fields.


River Art Works invites your investment in this very important bridge between high school and career preparedness for 21st Century global creative competency. Given strong support, we can offer these workshops free of charge. We have raised $34,000 toward the purchase of equipment, insurance, and the location. We are now seeking additional funding of $22,000 for educator remuneration, to be used in scholarship funding. ArtTEK for TEENS high school series holds EITC tax status.  


Please consider becoming a contributor toward the betterment of our regional youth’s future through ArtTEK for TEENS.



Jane Altman 

Jane Altman, Founder 

River Art Works