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Laying Groundwork for Westmoreland County's First Artists Retreat


The natural beauty of Southwestern Pennsylvania often takes visitors by surprise. But for the artists who call it home, the rivers, mountains, and change in seasons are inspiration. Travel Lemming patrons named our region the 3rd most beautiful globally. Country Magazine called out one of our small towns as 2nd best in the nation. It is what motivated River Art Works to seek out property as a place for artists to gather and create.


River Art Works is a 501c3 with great potential to increase tourism, revitalize a small town, and be the first artist retreat in Westmoreland county.

Our Goals

To create a space for artists of all mediums to come together to

create, teach/learn, perform, exhibit, sleep, and eat.

To increase regional tourism though the retail of art.

To bring the arts and science together to learn from each other.

board members

Jane Altman
Founder & Executive Director
Ruth Bisko
Rosalind Panda Dykla
Laura Johnson
Roberta Pfeiffer Altman
Secretary & Legal Counsel
Mohammad Hassibi
Doug Chew
Alice A. Hassibi


Our mission is to create a collaborative art retreat that captivates and lures not only artists from around the world, but patrons of the arts as well.


The art retreat is to feature art galleries, performance areas, sleeping quarters, commissary, theatre, class and meeting spaces, visitor’s center, and work areas.















Our vision for River Art Works is to share knowledge between professional artists and related sciences in order to broaden their concept and knowledge of creative opportunities. Related sciences include, but are not limited to holography, robotics, digital, and laser sciences. Time away from daily distractions will allow the artist to not only further broaden their skills, focus their energy, but also use the retreat time to connect with other arts and sciences to collaboratively develop creative businesses. This also frees the artist to shape their own creative lives in a broader sense as well as contribute to social development.


River Art Works will serve ALL acclaimed professional art forms and sciences that relate to arts bringing a positive energy to town citizens as well as its visitors.


River Art Works will need a core group of citizens, businesses, and foundations to support the buildout of the retreat. Interested in supporting River Art Works?



Introducing ArtTECH

River Art Works has begun development of a High School Extra curricula that prepares artists to:

  • broaden their skillset

  • introduce related technologies

  • digital, laser and holography

  • learn basic business skills.


Almost every artist, with the exception of corporate artists, is an entrepreneur.  River Art Works teachs artists how to make this skill as painless as possible, as it is a left side of brain task VS Right side creative thinking.

In other words, we offer artists a chance to develop the power of using both sides of the brain.  In turn they become more globally competitive in the arts.

Art Tournament

Summer 2021

There will be a total of three 20-minute rounds and 15 juried artists. FINAL ROUND includes the winners of the 3 rounds

1ST Place Winner takes home $250

2nd & 3rd Place takes home $100


All Art to be Auctioned at end of evening.

60% donated to River Art Works Building Fund

40% to the Artist


FOOD: by Food Trucks

TICKETS: $15 each, includes one beverage

ARTIST ENTRY FEE: $25, includes canvas and rent of easel

Artists responsible for supplying media

APPLICATIONS to be juried due by April 15, 2021

Pop-Up Art Events

There will be a number of

plein air events

during the warm seasons....

Pop-up in nature!

All Pop-Up Art events will take place in tourist driven locations. This allows artists opportunity to sell their creation and market themselves.

Exact date to be announced as weather permits



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