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ArtTEK for TEENS application


Classes will be held at:

462 W Main St  Mt Pleasant, Pa 15666      Phone:    724-547-4121     Website:   

DATES: Mon, Tues, Thurs, 6/13/22-- 8/12/22     Preregistration required


STUDENT NAME: ___________________________________  SCHOOL: _________________________ DATE: __________

We are excited to see the positive response from students regarding this program. We are also thrilled that a Hollywood animatronics star like Ronzio is able to oversee these classes. This is truly an opportunity for students who love arts so much they consider spending the summer growing their skills. Now for the business side of the program:                                                                                                                                                                               

GUIDELINES:    Application to Participate, 3 pages

1. Eligible student is an enrolled high school student with a keen interest in developing art and/or related creative science skills. Examples of related creative sciences are laser, digital, holography, animatronics, drone art.

2. Eligible student is a resident of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, enrolled in a school located within a River Art Works approved districts.

3. High School student is defined as entering or enrolled student in grades 9 through 12.

4. Student enjoys being creative. 

5. Applicant must include 3 photos of art work samples.

6. Applicant must also include a statement of no more than 150 words as to why the student wants to attend the River Art Works workshop on a separate paper:

                           a.  What would it mean to you to attend this school?

                           b.  What is your artistic or scientific experience?

                           c.  The application submission also is to include why we should include you in this limited seating program.

7. Parent or legal guardian MUST sign and agree to the terms of acceptance notice.

8. Student must agree to show respect for class instructor, volunteers, River Art works representatives, and instructions at all times. Should a student show consistent disrespect or disobedience, arrive late, continually miss workshop hours, or come unsuitably dressed, that student will be dismissed, possibly expelled. There are no refunds. We must respect students need for concentration.

9. We will be working with tools that, if not used properly, can be dangerous (tools examples are not limited to: hammers, wrenches, saw, files, drills, sanders). Parent and student must be comfortable with the level of student’s maturity to follow instructions while learning to use these tools.

10. This page needs to be parent and student signed, then presented to art teacher student before the first class.

REQUESTED CLASS DATES: ______________________________________________Time: ___________________________

CLASS NAME __________________________________PLACE: _________________________________________________

Address _____________________________________________________________

City _________________________ State _________ Zip ________

Enrolled in What High School: _______________________________________

School District: _____________________________________


Art or Tech Teacher ___________________________________Class Taught: _______________Room #_______

Student Signature ____________________________________Date _____________

Parent/Guardian Signature ______________________________Date _____________


Student Name ____________________________  Date:_____________


Referring Teacher’s Comment and Signature:(can be submitted without teacher’s input, but highly recommended)


Teacher's Name_____________________________________________  School ___________________ Class Taught _______


















Number of Portfolio Examples: ____


Titles of Example: 1. ______________________________________________________ Size __________

Titles of Example: 2. ______________________________________________________ Size __________

Titles of Example: 3. ______________________________________________________ Size __________



Submissions to be considered must include all above requested information.      or     River Art Works  35 South 7th St Youngwood, PA 15697

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ArtTEK for TEENS, con't                          Student Name: _______________________________



“Why I want to attend the ArtTEK for Teens workshop” typed in 12 point Times New Roman:

Examples of thoughts you may want to share:

1. Why do I want to attend the ArtTEK for TEENS workshops?

2. How do I hope to benefit?















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